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Digital out of home advertising (DOOH) and the upcoming trends.

DOOH advertising (Digital Out-of-Home) is getting increasingly popular with digital advertisers. As an advertiser, it should be a top priority for you to ensure that your social ads and display ads are in sync with your out-of-home ads.A recent study conducted on over a hundred brands over a period of 5 years revealed that the profits were higher when more DOOH campaigns were used in advertising.The year 2019 was the year of DOOH, but 2020 and beyond are set to witness its further rise. Know about some of the oncoming trends in DOOH advertising.

Programmatic DOOH is set to evolve

Programmatic DOOH is intended to make real-time bidding easily possible in DOOH. Similar to display advertising, a marketer can place bids here for a targeted audience. In the coming years, DOOH will match the needs of advertisers, who can get more digital signage, data about movement and space and possibly poster frame locations. Digital signage ads can be created hand in hand with social campaigns and display ads.

Location-based advertising

Location is a basic element in advertising that is often ignored or given a miss by some agencies and advertisers. DOOH is set to make it easier to customize OOH ads and make use of location-based information with geo-targeting. There is no large-scale creation of the same types of ads, given that same ads – whether print or online ads – do not guarantee the success of similar ads that have hit the mark. Similar to display advertising, DOOH is set to use the strategies of DCO to make the best creative ads in the best area (location) at the right juncture.

Actionable data

For advertisers, DOOH seems to have a lot of creative potential as a marketing media outlet. Regular ads without creativity do not strike a chord with viewers, even if they are scaled up. In the times to come, DOOH is expected to take an entirely different route. In the near future, actionable data is set to be added to Digital Out-of-Home advertising, in an attempt to explore new creative opportunities. Marketers can be assured of ads that will be different and creative, being better in grabbing the attention of the target audience with their uniqueness.

The creative ads will be optimized dynamically, and these will go along with programmatic trading and better audience targeting to ensure optimum impact and effectiveness of ad campaigns.

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