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The Challenges of DOOH Advertising (And the Kickass Solutions)

There’s a reason why static billboards are now of out juice, not delivering the conversion per their high price. Because:

  • Consumers are busy looking at their phone screens.
  • Consumers lack the necessary attention that such broadcasts demand conversion.
  • Consumers, most importantly, just don’t care about engaging with ads that they really don’t care about.


Can It Hook The Audience?

While many big brands are now embracing Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) ads already, there are still those who contend an investment here owing to the same problems that of static ads on billboards, bus stands, cars,in waiting rooms, and more. And rightly so!

Will it convert? Will the audience care about it? Will people even look at it? These are common questions. Of course, since DOOH is ‘digital’, it has its edge of innovation. But it sure is shaped with many challenges that are keeping many advertisers at bay.

However, in recent times, more solution providers have emerged on the scene that has advanced technology and better systems in tow, which makes the DOOH ad model as appealing as it gets.


The Solution: (Smart) Personalization

Foremost, these outdoor displays are more flexible in personalization than ever. Whether it’s a big billboard or a taxi-top, an advertiser can now tailor their message per several parameters –in real-time at that.

For instance, a taxi top DOOH ad can be changed in real-time based on the location of the cab. Or, a billboard ad can be changed based on the weather and time of the day. This personalization will enable advertisers to target the right audience, with the right message, and in the right events. As with the tailoring of any ad campaign, the conversion will be much higher even here.


Another Solution: Higher Creativity

Following, another challenge that OOH ads have faced in recent times is the lack of attention people spare to them. Indeed, it’s a big problem!

Although vague, the solution here couldn’t be more straightforward. Create more creative ads.

For that matter, in the advertising industry, creativity is the ultimate answer to virtually every problem.

If you’re producing creative ads – which many big brands continue to successfully execute –it bounds to hook the target audience. And with the layer of personalization to it, the smart ads will very certainly engage them effectively.


The Other Benefits of DOOH Ads

This isn’t to say that there aren’t many more challenges to DOOH ads. Furthermore, as more brands start venturing this landscape, the task to out-stand and drive engagement is only going to get tougher. Still, their benefits far outweigh the challenges advertisers have to deal with.

Digital Out-of-Home ads are far affordable vs. their counterparts. They bring much better results. With advanced technology in hand, they are easier to execute and manage. Also, there’s now seamless flow of real-time data. So, you can track your results better and re-define your strategy, as and when needed, for better results.

So, if you’re still hooked to the challenges of DOOH ads, follow the suit of top brands. Invest in taxi-top ads. If tailored well with higher creativity, the ad assures you of optimum ROI.

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