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How Can DOOH Taxi-Top Advertising Help In Branding?

The Indian population comprises mostly of millennial generation, precisely 65%. By 2021, the country is going to have a mostly youth population. The purchasing power of this population is rising fast, and by 2020 the consumer expenditure is anticipated to increase. Digital Outdoor of Home Advertising (DOOH) is regarded as a new way of outdoor advertising, and many technological innovations have led to the rise of the same. Find out how DOOH Taxi-Top advertising can aid in branding.


It is a cost-effective tool that makes use of location data and sends to consumers a text message as they come to a specific area. When smartphones are integrated with transmitting media marketing or billboard advertising, it is possible to make more sales and generate more revenues. It can allow advertisers and marketers to improve sales while reducing advertising expenditure at the same time. With personalized and niche advertising, it is possible to get better results. Geo-fencing of DOOH advertising can ensure this.


Beacons are able to cover around 300 ft range. These devices are powered by battery and can transmit signals to tablets and smartphones with the help of Bluetooth technology, given that about 300 feet of distance range can be covered. Beacons help in engagement of brands and can drive sales, in case they are strategically set up. Marketers can benefit from these by using them to obtain data – such as the types of products that customers have observed or how much time they have passed at various aisles.

Digital Signage

It can stream media and broadcast data, digital images and other content by blending projection, LED and LCD. This is very effectual in public areas, transport systems, retail stores, stadiums, hotels and restaurants, and can offer more engagement for advertising in outdoor spaces. It is supposed to be able to improve footfall in retail areas by 80%.

Digital screens atop rooftops make way for cab branding and it is one of the most sought after outdoor media solutions that the business owners are opting for. These high-resolution, weatherproof devices are capable of running ads consisting of several images as a part of a brand’s positioning strategy in a niche. Taxi-top advertising, one of the potential forms of DOOH marketing plan is becoming extremely popular and whether it is for retail branding or for any business promotion, business owners can readily switch to taxi-top advertising.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

This is a short-range wireless communication tool that lets customers unlock tags on digital OOH advertising signage, magazines, electronic payment devices, billboards etc. The content that is shown when tags are unlocked is based on demographic information, which can make optimal use of targeted marketing. As NFC chips have a low cost, these can be fantastic leverage for the purpose of brand campaigns. Consumers just have to place their NFC enabled device near the signage and data can be directly transmitted to their phones. Near-Field Communication can be used well for experimental outdoor marketing.

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