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Digital Taxi Top Ads and the Appeal It Has Over Other DOOH Formats

Away from the sensational headlines like “DOOH ads are making a comeback” – digital taxi top ads continue to see a consistent surge in popularity and trust. Many big brands, across different segments, are sparing a significant portion of their advertisement budget in this model. And there are plenty of good reasons why.

Taxi top ads pack plenty of benefits that swiftly outdo other DOOH formats for much higher ROI. Interestingly, this wasn’t necessarily the case a few years back. Today, we now have a host of solution providers that have made digital outdoor ads much more effective owing to advanced technology and systems they have in tow.


Higher Flexibility in EffectiveTargeting

One of the biggest factors that make taxi top ads a north star for many advertisers is the geo-targeting options it brings, enabling businesses with much higher returns. Many solutions now offer options to personalize ads – in real-time –based on the exact location of the cab. So, you can easily tailor your creativity to suit the unique needs, interests, and class of the target audience per their location (city, district, and neighborhood).

There’s now also higher flexibility in personalization. So, you can customize your taxi top ads based on various other factors, including the time of the day and weather conditions.

What makes the process exciting is the seamless flow of real-time data, which enables you to change your creative or display much more quickly. This adds efficacy to the model, opening you more opportunities to generate even greater returns.


Taxi Top Ads Are Affordable

But personalization is only part of the puzzle. There are many other reasons why businesses are betting big on digital taxi top ads vs. other DOOH formats. Affordable pricing falls in its favor too. These advertisements are quite affordable in itself. Furthermore, unlike others, they have very low maintenance and management cost.

You can play around with different personalized creative displays right from your dashboard, without the need to communicate with the inventory owner. This further simplifies the model and saves you money in opportunity cost.


(BUT!) Should You Invest Here?

All said, admittedly, even with all the miraculous returns, digital taxi tops might not necessarily be ideal for every business; just like, despite high ROI, Facebook isn’t for all. The same goes even here. It requires thorough planning, strategizing, and rationalizing against other avenues where you would rather spend your ad budget.

If you have an in-house team of professionals, take your time to identify opportunities in taxi top DOOH ads. If not, work along with ad solution providers who work in the DOOH model.

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