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Lots of ideas meet, collide, fizzle out and then take form to become a unified whole. When we thought of chasing our dreams as budding entrepreneurs- we brainstormed, had innumerable coffee sessions while trying to find solutions to existing problems in India that should be thought-provoking, innovative and a game changer.

Hailing from traditional business background, we witnessed the struggles that our forefathers and fathers had to deal with when faced with budget restraints for business promotion. Optimum level of business exposure seemed synonymous with humongous ad budget but for start-ups, mid-sized businesses this often proved to be a crippling factor stunting business growth. And this problem did not let us be! At the back of our mind, we were always in the hunt to find solutions to this existing problem.

With the advent of technology and India going digital, DOOH was seeing an upward trend with digital screens getting increased upto 60000 in the past five years showing a market growth in OOH platform from 3% – 5% and estimated to grow upto 20 -25 % in the coming five years. Now, with sufficient data with us, we knew this is what we should be eyeing for. This, in turn, it led to the birth of Adonmove with Kanishka Singh and Subham Jaiswal as the co-founders of this venture. We thought what could we do to make quality advertising ‘affordable’ for business owners and for everyone!

The quirky, smart and innovative idea of mounting digital displays on top of cabs and creating a remote content management system for the same hit our minds and we strived hard to give it a real shape. The challenge to design the right hardware and software to serve the purpose was gnawing at us and we pulled it through!

Here we are, Adonmove, a brand that delivers time and location-based advertising to clients using digital screens that are mounted on top of cabs. We perceive Adonmove as a genuine and honest brand that understands the unique needs of their clients and believes in delivering quality, cost- friendly and non-compromised services at the right time and at the right place.

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points” –Jonah Sachs. As our tagline goes “ ab dunia dekhegi”, we want your brand to do what it takes to show its true mettle. We help you unleash the business potential of your brand by making the best use of DOOH. Go the digital way and join the ‘on-the-go’ ad ride. Brand promotion is easy, fun and cost-effective only if you know how to do it! Embrace DOOH today!