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5 Benefits of New-Age Digital Taxi Top Ads

So hooked to the legitimate hype of social media marketing, it isn’t as obvious for many brands to understand the benefits of digital taxi top advertisements. In reality though, with the DOOH ad model gaining significant momentum even among the top brands, it’s essential you understand its relevance so as to stay ahead of the curve.

There are many pros of new-age digital taxi top ads that mount to deliver a business much higher brand awareness and improved conversion.

If you’re still debating whether it’s a good avenue to source your marketing budget, here are five undeniable benefits of new-age digital taxi top ads:


  1. Much Wider Reach

The inventory moves – and so does the ad on the top. So, it reaches a much wider audience base.

What makes it interesting is, even when its display/content is targeted to a unique segment, it still reaches different groups. And this improves your chances of higher conversion.

So, while you’re certainly engaging your core target audience, you’re also reaching out to your secondary target segments. You inevitably achieve much higher ROI. This is a flexibility that many ad models do not necessarily enjoy.


  1. Very Affordable Cost Per Impression

Comparatively, digital taxi top ads are quite affordable. The cost per impression is low. This is because its set-up cost is low – and so is the cost of managing in.

Furthermore, since the advertisers directly control the ads with no intrusion of any middlemen – not even of the inventory owner – they also save plenty in the opportunity costs that eventually emerge due to delays and inefficacies in the process.

So, whatever your goals are, whether brand awareness or customer acquisition, you achieve them at a low cost.


  1. Enough Room for Creativity

The new-age DOOH ads come with seamless space in the creativity.

The good solution providers enable you with the right (and powerful) dashboard to play around with different visuals, texts, and call-to-actions.

Their advanced features and flexible options ensure you achieve your objectives.

Remember, the more creative your ad is, the better results you can achieve.


  1. Effective Geo-Targeting

Personalization is one of the most effective techniques for optimum conversion. And, you can do that with your taxi top ads now.

You can personalize your display based on the location of the cab. So, when the inventory is in Manhattan, you can serve unique content that concerns the people in this borough; when it enters Jersey, you can change that ad in real-time easily.

You can take this tailoring even to micro-levels, controlling the ads based on districts. Meaning, you can serve distinct ads when the taxi is in SoHo, Harlem, and Chelsea.

Provided you understand the various geographic locations adequately, you can drive much higher conversion this way.

In addition, there now exist several other personalization triggers, including weather and time of the day. So, you can tailor your content with much higher finesse and details.


  1. Easy to Set-Up and Manage

You don’t have to find a taxi driver and haggle an arrangement. You don’t have to invest in display boards. Not at least anymore.

These days you can find many good DOOH ad solution providers that cover taxi top ads. They take care of everything for you. But, at the same time, you enjoy full control of your creative and targeting.

You get a platform where you handle your display ads end-to-end. Depending on the pricing model you have opted, you can always start and end an ad, with no obligation.

So, setting up and managing digital taxi top ads is now as easy and convenient as running, say, Google ads.



There are several other benefits of digital taxi top ads.

Collectively, these are the reasons why big brands are now portioning out a big part of their ad budget in this.

If you’re looking to reach out to more people and get the word going about your brand or product, the DOOH ad on taxi tops might just be the right option for you to achieve those goals.

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