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3 Misconceptions about Digital Taxi Top Ads (That People STILL Believe)

You heard OOH ads aren’t as good – and so you believe.

But then a large part of that idea is based on outdated notions. And it needs to be redefined with a newer set of data. Because a lot has changed over the years!

With social channels running out of organic juice and are costlier than before, more business owners are steering towards digital taxi top ads.

Sure, it isn’t always right to follow their suit blindly – even if they are your direct competitors.

However, to stay ahead of the curve and be smart in your advertisement spending, it’s essential that you recognize the seamless benefits of DOOH ads.

Here are three misconceptions about digital taxi top ads that you must get rid of:


  1. It isn’t as effective due to its static nature

The new-age digital taxi top ads are far from static.

We now have many DOOH solution providers that deliver exciting personalization options wherein you can broadcast to relevant segments highly tailored ads.

There are many triggers to personalization. You can serve separate ads depending on the location of the taxi, as well as the weather condition and time of the day.

So, if you understand the demography of individual districts correctly, serving them micro-personalized taxi top ads that adequately suit their interests, preferences, and budget almost guarantee to bring you higher returns.


  1. Measuring the result is difficult

It was difficult a few years – but not anymore.

Today, the advertisers get a state-of-art dashboard that packs powerful analytics. So, you can easily track your results of the estimated impressions and conversion.

Moreover, if your ad is designed around interactive contests and/or has a unique code attached to its call-to-action, tracking conversion becomes much easier and definite.

At large, with DOOH ads, you now get a lot of data to measure your ROI. So, you know how much your investments in taxi top ads are rewarding you and whether it’s the right fit for you or not.


  1. The cost of taxi top ads are high

Thanks to the top DOOH solution providers, digital taxi top ads are much more cost-effective as opposed to their counterparts.

A large part of that is because their set-up and management costs are very cheap. There is no one-time hefty pay. Many companies offer a pay-as-you-go plan.

Furthermore, given the competition in this niche is low at present, these ads are quite under-priced, which cascades to further boost your ROI.



These are three big misconceptions about digital taxi top ads that you must get rid of.

Of course, even with all the benefits, this isn’t to say that the DOOH model is for every kind of business. It varies depending on their business type, target audience, goals, and advertisement budget.

But in the end, it’s essential that you sort out the fallacies and find marketing opportunities based on real facts of the present.

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