DOOH on-taxi Advertising service

Promote your brand digitally on moving cabs. We empower you with our high-end ad management tool and a personalized dashboard.


DOOH on-taxi Advertising service

Reach your prospective customers using hyperlocal targeting. Redefine the meaning of super targeted niche marketing with our tailor-made campaigns.


DOOH on-taxi Advertising service

Experience the power of DOOH like never before and optimize your brand visibility!

Who are we?

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Don’t let bits, pieces, and technicalities of advertising take away all your attention… attention that should be spared on your business! We’ve got your back here.

As one of the fastest emerging DOOH outdoor advertising agencies in Kolkata, we help brands tap on market gaps to reach out to more people and get across their message more effectively with top-rated cab advertising in Kolkata.

We specialize in digital taxi-top ads.

Our team works with business owners in this newer ad model through outstanding creative thoughts and talks that drive meaningful engagement
offering the required business mileage to the business owners.

Take our hands and dominate your target location on the back of this less-crowded (and cost-effective) marketing avenue.

What We Offer


Search for locations and demographic targets based on campaign requirements


Leveraging our data-driven tools, we help you create a plan that optimises your media budget. Your higher ROI brings a smile on our face, too!


Our platform allows you to manage your marketing campaigns, using our customised dashboard. You can monitor the progress and change, update or do more for optimizing the campaign on-demand.

Benefits of Advertising with us

Geo-location based advertisement

– a smart way to let your brand stand apart from the pack!

Real-time monitoring of screens using control command

– so steer your own business in the right direction as per your needs.

Analytics to keep track of campaigns with basic technical understanding.

We have kept it very simple for you.

We ensure that DOOH advertising

becomes the most cost-effective for you!

A friendly, supper supportive team offering you assistance


Why work with us?

Fuss-free digital outdoor advertisement at affordable cost!

Taxi-top advertising is the digital moving billboard that hardly misses eyeballs, so it’s a move for better visibility of your brand

Whether it is something newsy about your brand that needs to spread like wildfire in a short span or a sustenance campaign that will go on for months or a year, taxi-top advertising can fetch in more returns for you!

Brand impressions, sumptuous views in a single day based on the route taken and roads travelled can surely make you happy!

Feel the pulse of your business with real-time analytics 24/7, seamlessly!

Exclusive customised packages curated just for you!

Advertising with Adonmove!

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What clients say about us


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We are into strategising and putting to effect brand marketing programs. Observing happy faces of clients is a task that Adonmove has helped us to witness! We have hired their services and they are a brilliant team who knows their job well. From the briefing session to easily analyzing what we want- these guys are a pro! Taxi top advertising can be so helpful in give brand marketing programs the real mileage was hammered by this young, dynamic team of Adonmove! Cheers guys, keep on rocking! Would recommend Adonmove for your DOOH needs, any day!

The Gullak Co.

When I heard that my printing and designing services can be promoted in the most amazing way via DOOH , I was like what?! Honestly, taxi top advertising doing a lot for my brand was not an idea that convinced me initially, but after hiring the services of DOOH, I was completely blown away! I am happy that these guys proved me wrong. High-Five Adonmove, you guys are just amazing! I can’t thank you enough ‘coz you not only came up with this form of outdoor advertising idea, but this is cost-effective too and you make the whole stuff look so simple! The way you guys deal with this whole thing is just amazing!

Forever Buddys

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